Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TLI Meeting - Friday, July The 12th, 2008

Can't wait until FRIDAY join this damn cool event. Yeah.. Toatmaster Leaderhip Institute held a Training for Toastmasters EXCO (executive Committee) on University of Pelita Harapan - Tangerang. This event attended by hundreds EXCOs from Indonesia. The trainers is especially invited from Malay.

I had prepared my stuffs since wednesday. I was very enthusiastic. Mr. Arlan picked 4 of us - Me, Khrisma, Yuli and Zilva - on Plaza Indonesia. He brought us to UPH Hotel. Me and Yuli were in room 202, Khrisma and Zilva were in room 203 and Mr. Arlan himself in room 204.

After put on our baggage, Mr. Arlan ask us to walking around UPH. Wew.. It's damn cool. Night seems make the scenery more beautiful. There are a lot of big trees along the street. Some bench were placed under the trees, a cozy place for students of UPH to break. It has a first class facilities. Basketball indoor hall, clinics, dormitory, stadium and so on. We're all discussed how comfortable it is to study in UPH.

Mr. Arlan then escorted us to enter Indian Cafe. There was Mr. Ganesh Sangaran, trainer from Malaysia waiting for us. We ordered Lassi - Mango yoghurt from India -, Samosa India - Potato Stuffed Pastry -, and also chicken rolls. We spent night by chatting and eating snacks. We went back hotel at 11 pm.


SATURDAY MORNING !! This is the important day. We all had been ready for everything by 8. We went to Malaysian cafe nearby. The menu we ordered - Cakalang Fried Rice, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Porridge with Anchovy and Sandwich - is served with real Malay Taste.. But unfortunatelly the foods were come late. We ate it on rush..

We went to The meeting room. There were a lot of people. They came from various clubs : Kebayoran, Jakarta, Unilever, Conoco Phillips TM Club. 4 of us were person in charge to handle the attendance list.
We also joined the EXCO training. The training divided per role in EXCO. There are Vice President Membership (VPM) / Vice President Public Relation (VPPR), Treasurer, Secretary and President. We decided to join training for VPPR which was lead by Mr. Hassan from Malaysia.

After all session finished we went back to hotel and checked out. Then we ate lunch at Traditional Betawi cafe with some Malaysians - Mr. Ganesh, Mrs. Ho Fong Ming, Bu Mien -, Mr. Arlan Setiawan, his son, Johan Setiawan and one more Malaysian trainer whom I forgot his name..:D. We enjoy the Traditional Betawi designed interior. One more thing made us catch the Betawi feel is the waitress wore traditional kebaya. We finally traveled back to Jakarta at 4 PM.
Thanks God, Lucky Me.. I had chance to participate in this precious moment.

Thanks My beloved ToastMasters mentor and Division Governor, Mr. Arlan setiawan for his generous and hard working to hold this meeting.